An elite online education is a click away

Founded by people with top national degrees, who believe that “online” can still mean “top quality.”

Elite Online and the Academic Research Alliance is an organization that offers market research, strategy, and information services to benefit higher education by connecting students and colleges worldwide.

About a third of America’s 21 million college students are enrolled in at least one online class, including about three million students who are thought to be enrolled in fully online programs. Over the past two decades, the online education landscape has been evolving dramatically. For-profit online education has seen a sharp decline in recent years, while established and trusted not-for-profit universities providing online learning is rising steadily.

Distance education is not just here to stay, it’s poised to be a mainstay for even the elite colleges and universities. As the stigma of online education being “lesser than” fades away, students have the opportunity to earn diverse undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees and certificates from the most prestigious universities in the country. However, identifying one’s online options within this elite group of schools remains an overwhelming proposition.

Elite Online collaborates with America’s top-ranked colleges and universities to consolidate online offerings, and make the connection process painless for students and institutions.